You Are More Valuable Than Diamonds


You are more valuable than diamonds

One should be in astonishment with the realization of how much Elohim (God) loves each and every one of us.

Reading scripture is like finding a treasure chest. You open it and become in awe of the valuable jewels gently placed so delicately throughout. They all glimmer and shine as the light of revelation bounces back and forth on them. You gently pick up one piece with all its glory, examining it oh so carefully, believing you found the perfect one. Then you look back towards the box to see another marvelous jewel radiating against the others. As you pick up the newly found jewel, you realize that it compliments the first and makes the original even more valuable. Continue reading

You Are Not Your Past


Often our past, decisions, or circumstances mold us into who we are today. Throughout the various trials of life from a child to an adult, our identity gets obscure and because of that, the identity God gave us during creation is lost.The enemy uses those factors to either alter or prevent the identity God given to us at birth, come to full term.

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