Miracles, healing, and provision still happen today. Each month we gather to share the Word of God, eat and pray. Our main purpose is to glorify God and what better way, than by sharing testimonies of His goodness.

Let’s give it up for Jesus Christ! All glory belongs to him. We are the vessels, and HE IS OUR HEALER. Join me in celebrating all that He has done and will continue to do.

Praise God, Aunt Chris prayed healing upon me and Christ showed us his work right before our eyes. Not only did he stretch my legs, but my shoulder pain is no longer severe, I barely noticed it tonight as I was working. After a 9 hr shift I still feel no pain. Praise God

(Testimony of healing from our Sept. 21, 2019 gathering)
Jamie S.
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Meet me at the well

John 4:11(AMP) 11 She said to Him, “Sir, [a]You have nothing to draw with [no bucket and rope] and the well is deep. Where then do You get that living water?

In the early hours of the morning, I asked the Lord to show me what he wanted to share with the ladies. The Lord showed me the following verse (John 4:11) and my heart was moved. I was seeking his face for you but little did I know that He was also ministering to me.

How many women ask, “How God, are you going to help me? Am I even worth it? How many women are wearing a mask to cover up the pain? How many women are smiling in public but behind closed doors are hurting? Have you not seen the wrong done to me? Where is my vindication?

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Healing Scriptures

With the weather changing and people getting sick, I wanted to share a few scriptures with you. In conjunction with taking medicine, it is important to apply the Word of God over you also.

The last scripture, Psalm 52:5, is a target, specific verse. I like to use this one when I am praying over a certain ailment, disease or abnormality. It says pluck and root out. This means going to the core of the issue. 

For instance, when there is a weed in the garden, you root it out of the land so that it can no longer spread. The same applies to this scripture. You have to pluck out the problem at the root so it cannot grow anymore. 

Also, target specific, replace thee with your name. Ex. By the stripes of Jesus Jennifer is healed. It becomes more personal. As with all medicine, applying the Word of God isn’t always a one-time thing. Sometimes you have to do it daily, throughout the day for numerous days until the breakthrough or healing happens. Don’t get frustrated when it takes longer than others. 

I hope this quick note blesses you and keep pressing on!