Busyness is worthless

King Solomon said, “It is a miserable business which God has given to the sons of man with which to busy themselves.” Ecc.1:13b

The world has created an idol called the “American Dream”. People trample one another to reach the peak. In the pursuit of reaching the heavens, pieces of themselves get left behind.

Health is traded for pills. Love is replaced with self. Families become extinct. Peace gradually fades away. God is forgotten.
In the end, nothing is achieved. All the toil is in vain. Years lost cannot be replaced.
Everything gained can’t be taken.

This moment in time is a break in the climb. A halting point to admire the horizon. Gaze upon God’s creation and learn. The trees don’t toil to grow. Grass springs up each season. Rivers flow with earth’s gravity. Animals are continually fed.

Allow God to remind you of life before it became busy. Remember the joy. Remember the laughter. Remember the peace.

Peace equals power and a sound mind.

Before busyness comes back knocking on your door ask God what he wants for your life. You may just find the idol come crumbling down…..Blessings

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