Let’s face it. Whether you are a single mom, married, working full-time or a busy homemaker, making time to pray in the midst of the busyness can be difficult.

Yet, we read in the bible that Jesus made time to pray. So, how can follow his pattern and fit prayer into our busy lives without feeling overwhelmed?

Wake Up Earlier

Set the alarm clock. This may takes discipline but the alone time is worth it.

Being the single mom who wakes up early to get the kiddos ready, or the wife who cooks breakfast for everyone, those extra few minutes of sleep are golden. However, sacrificing those extra ten to fifteen minutes of alone time with Yeshua are priceless.

These few minutes of prayer set the pace for the day. You will soon realize how Yeshua calms the morning. Eventually, you will begin to crave more time with our Father and those five to ten minutes will begin to turn into thirty.

Create Prayer Cards

Write scriptures on an index card and store them in your purse or bag for easy access. Pull them out when you have down time and begin reading aloud. When you are sitting in traffic, pull out the index cards and begin to read aloud. During lunch, set five minutes aside to read your scriptures.

On a personal note, I like to write down scriptures pertaining to something I am struggling with.

Target this prayer time. If you are stressed, find scriptures pertaining to peace. If you are sick, find scriptures on healing.

I found this technique very convenient and effective. It has many benefits for your prayer life. As you begin reciting the scriptures, you begin to memorize bible passages. Your spirit man comes alive and you begin storing up treasures and weapons of warfare.

Read the Bible to Your Children or Grandchildren

The best teacher for your children or grandchildren is YOU! Before you begin to read, ask Holy Spirit for wisdom and revelation for each of you. Center the reading around Yeshua. You will be surprised at what revelation is giving.

Don’t worry about the simplicity of the children’s bible. The Lord can still reveal what he needs. By reading the bible you are learning the Word of God. At the end of the readings, pray together.

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Pray While Doing Activities

One of the most overlooked opportunities is incorporating prayer into your everyday activities.

In all your ways acknowledge him.

For me, my alone time is in the kitchen. While cooking, I pray over the food and talk to Yeshua. This is my prayer time without any interruptions. I begin to thank Poppa God for the food he has provided and the desire he has placed in my heart to cook a delicious meal.

Perhaps you have been gifted with the hands of a gardener. What beauty it must be to plant a seed and watch it grow. As you begin cultivating the land, pray over it. As you plant the seeds, bless them. When you see them mature, thank Yeshua for his beauty.

Maybe you’re the exhausted mother who barely has any strength left to bathe your child. This is a perfect time to pray. As you bathe your child, pray blessings over them and you. When you place their clothes over their body, put on them the armor of God. Have them say it with you!

Synchronize with Your FitBit

You are already exercising your body, so now exercise your spirit. Each time you get the ding to walk, pull out your scriptures, read and walk.

Use this time to talk with Poppa God. Clear your mind of the cares of the world and for that moment enjoy his creations and talk with him.

The Opportunity is There.

In the busyness of life we must look for the opportunities and act on it. Whether that means adjusting the schedule, removing activities or simply incorporating prayer, it is important to keep Yeshua in the center of it all.

Do you have any suggestions that you find helpful to encourage prayer during the busyness of life? Share them in the comments below. Don’t get discouraged when life gets busy. Instead, try these suggestions and see how your prayer life begins to change!

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