Miracles, healing, and provision still happen today. Each month we gather to share the Word of God, eat and pray. Our main purpose is to glorify God and what better way, than by sharing testimonies of His goodness.

Let’s give it up for Jesus Christ! All glory belongs to him. We are the vessels, and HE IS OUR HEALER. Join me in celebrating all that He has done and will continue to do.

Praise God, Aunt Chris prayed healing upon me and Christ showed us his work right before our eyes. Not only did he stretch my legs, but my shoulder pain is no longer severe, I barely noticed it tonight as I was working. After a 9 hr shift I still feel no pain. Praise God

(Testimony of healing from our Sept. 21, 2019 gathering)
Jamie S.

Things have been so tight in our household lately, with getting 3 kids ready for school (one high schooler), my son’s birthday, our flood insurance renewal was due ($1800 for house we don’t live in), 2 months of our light bill over $500 on top of all our regular bills and day to day spending and my daughter needing glasses. I always help my sis buy my niece school stuff but this year with everything going on I just couldn’t. But I never questioned if everything was going to get paid. One day I had a tough day with issues over the buyout and I just told God I trust Him and his timing with my finances and He knew everything I had going on and I wasn’t going to add stress to it. Today, the day before school and days after my son’s bday I sit here in amazement of how God makes a way. My $1800 FEMA bill after a lot of back and forth was reduced to $800 on a Friday and when I called to pay it on Tuesday it had been reduced by someone else who further investigated my case to $325!!!! Then, we recieved a refund check from FEMA because while investigating they said we overpaid our flood insurance last year!! We were able to pay everything and get everything we needed. I was even able to my niece uniforms, underclothes & shoes plus help my other sis with her 2 kids. It’s amazing that God used the main thing that was causing my debt to actually give me money to make it possible.

Testimony of tithing into church and giving into our ministry.
August 13, 2019
Angela A.

Praise Report**
A while back I posted about my frustration with my children’s father not wanting to help with my daughter’s tuition. I remember asking God to release from that anger and hold me, and he did just that.
Fast forward to present day. He and I both attended her freshman orientation and spent 2 whole days together. To my surprise our time together wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. We actually had a few laughs, drinks (lol), and decent conversation. He also said he would be helping out with tuition 🙌
My daughter’s tuition, room, and board for her 1st year is averaging out to be around 25,000. She was approved for 22,000 in grants!! Our out of pocket is going to be wayyyy less than expected.!!!!

Praise report
Tithing and giving into our ministry
July 26, 2019
Jamie S.

Debbie had her leg grow out. One leg was shorter than the other which was causing back pain. Sister Chris prayed and layed hands on her and Debbie received instant healing.

Healing testimony at monthly gathering.
June 29, 2019

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