You probably know what this symbol means but do you truly understand?

When I was searching for the meaning of this symbol, my sister shared her immaculate wisdom. It means- NOT OF THIS WORLD. I stood there with a blank look and had a “huh” moment. This entire time my brain could not break this simple code.

Years went by until I truly understood John 17:16. See, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines playing both sides. I had one foot in church and the other in the world. I kept jumping back and forth to which ever side was satisfying at the moment.

They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world

John 17:16

Yet, slowly the Lord was calling me in. He kept drawing me in closer and closer. I guess you can say that I was intrigued with the supernatural. The more I read about Jesus, the more I wanted to see miracles. I wanted to see if what I was reading was real. In my mind I thought, “Do miracles still happen? Do you have to be perfect to get healed?”.

As I started searching, the more I started seeing God. I wanted more. I wanted more of his presence. I wanted more of his Word. I wanted more of him. I wanted ALL I could get.

However, to want more of God cost. There should be a warning or caution sign given to seekers. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is bad, rather look at it as preparation for the reality.

See, someone once told me years ago that when I start seeking God, it can be a lonely place- especially if you are an intercessor. Here is where NOTW (Not of This World) became so real.

Once you have an encounter with Yeshua, it is life changing. You no longer want what the world offers. The things that used to satisfy you, no longer do. People who used to be in your close circle slowly begin to drift away. Your priorities change. Your mindset change. Your world basically gets flipped upside down.

You begin doing and saying things that are just not “normal”. Instead of complaining about the rain, you now speak to the clouds and atmosphere and command them to disperse. Rather than walking by someone who is in pain, you now pray for them in the middle of the crowd.

When the doctor gives a bad diagnosis, you begin to speak to the illness and your body and take authority over the situation. When trouble arises, you no longer fear but rest in faith by believing God will intervene.

As the world looks at the stock market in despair, you tithe more believing God for provision. You now cross over to the God side and out of the world. Once you have that one encounter, there is no going back. Even if you tried, you can’t stay. The love of God is so real and so profound that nothing compares. It is like a never ending thirst. You want more and more.

I pray that you get that encounter if you never had it. If you had, I pray that the thirst never gets quenched. Rather, you turn the world upside down for Yeshua!

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