Dear Woman Be Healed!

Are you tired of the endless cycle of sickness, pain, mental anguish or addiction? Are you tired of seeing things happen generation after generation? Good, so are we, and we want you to know that God says, “BE HEALED”!

During this new journey we will explore the Bible and examine the various women who had an encounter with the creator. We will examine their lives in contrast to modern day times. We will engulf ourselves into their footsteps in order to gain a better understanding and empathy toward modern-day Hagar’s, Naomi’s and Rachel’s.

At the end of the journey we will also share the keys to healing and deliverance. It is no accident that the writers of the bible specifically mentioned each woman by name or by their circumstances. The same healing that happened thousands of years ago still happens today.

Are you facing infertility? So did Rachel and Hanna.

Maybe you’re struggling as a single mom? Have you heard of Hagar?

Has infidelity creeped into your marriage? Then you probably know of the adulterous woman or heard about God’s chosen people, the Israelites. 

Do you feel as if you’re fighting alone? Deborah was a warrior.

What is your opinion on intercultural relationships? Let’s look at Ruth.

These are just a few women who have paved the road before us and demonstrated what God can do.

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