Holocaust Garden of Remembrance

The upcoming Holocaust Garden of Remembrance is located at King’s Harbor in Kingwood, Texas.

The design is family friendly with attention catered to children in order to illustrate the experiences of children during the Holocaust at the Jasenovac Camp and other European locations. The various methods of paintings, sculptures, music, and physical structures are used in a way to honor those
who survived, serves as memorial to the victims, educates the public, and compels visitors to say, “Never again!” in their own communities.

It is a one-of- a-kind children’s memorial garden that will feature eight pocket exhibits, with each exhibit focusing on a specific aspect of the Holocaust. Art, combined with other creative educational tools are designed to help children learn about what happened while in a safe, family-friendly environment. At the same time, it will encourage children and parents to stand up for what is right.

This beautiful series of art exhibits and plantings will be enhanced
with personal stories and timelines to stimulate contemplation and discussion. More specific curricular materials for various grade levels will be made available on the website for classroom or personal education.

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