It hurts….

I was at mommas this past weekend to help clean out the other house. It is about to embark on a new journey and will soon have a new life.

Yet, before the renovation begins, the process of tearing down needs to happen. This same process is the exact thing that the Lord wants to do with each and everyone of us. In order for us to live a life full of the potential that God has for us, we must undergo a process.

As I was walking the house, the Lord brought me to a former closet. The sheet rock was removed and the original wood panels were exposed. The natural beauty had been covered with paint and imprinted with gang signs and graffiti from former tenants.

I stopped for a moment to stare and poppa said that is the same with my people. “I need to get deep, down inside of those closets, the hidden areas and expose the things that are covered up.” He wants to remove all that does not belong there.

To often when people decide to follow Christ, they tend to cover up rather than give it all. They hold onto the very things that brought them to seek the Lord.. the pain, shame, guilt. Poppa God wants all of it so he can begin healing from the inside out.

Throughout life, our identity gets altered and soon we become what the world creates rather than what God created. Just like the wood, it was originally created to display its natural beauty. Rather, it was altered to be used for building.

As I turned to look at the surrounding walls of the bedroom, I noticed one panel still had old insulation. It was old and falling over. Rusty nails still lined the walls with old wood.

It takes strength to pull out the old nails and to tear down the rotten pieces. It also takes vision to restore. In that moment Poppa God whispered, “I never said it would be easy”. I couldn’t help but chuckle because I thought of the moments of frustration, pain and tears as he took me through that very same process.

You weren’t meant to do it alone. It takes a crew to help restore an old house and it takes Poppa God, Jesus and Holy Spirit to restore you.

As I looked at one of the bedroom walls, I saw a panel of original wood. It withstood the years and maintained its beauty. It was beautiful. It was solid and smooth. Poppa God showed me that we too have an original piece. That original piece is the purpose of our existence.

He wants to restore, heal and make you shine! He wants your foundation to be solid so that you will withstand the times of trials, storms and heartaches. He wants you to walk in your purpose. He wants you.


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