I wished they prayed for my spouse.

I have numerous nieces, nephews and great nieces. Each one is special in their own right. As I watch them grow, I see their characteristics become stronger and their dreams become bigger. I cherish each laughter and watch in amazement as they grow into how God has designed them.

Right now they are in the stage of just having fun. There is no care in the world for them except what to eat and when school is out. Life is bubble gum and play station.

The last thing they could care about is marriage, much less their future spouses. Me, on the other hand, I do. When I look back at my life, I often wonder what would it have been like if my parents would have prayed for my future spouse. Would I have been kept from failed marriages? Would I have been a millionaire by now? Would I have had a mini van filled with children? The thoughts are endless but the one thing constant is their future.

I want their marriages to be blessed and life lasting. I don’t want them to experience divorce, infertility or infidelity. I want their marriages to prosper and the blessings to trickle down to future generations. All I can do is what I know. Pray and believe. I get the privilege to pray for their future spouses in the hopes that I will see each one come to pass.

For my nieces and the future wives of my nephews, I pray that they will be like the Deborah’s, Esther’s, and Ruth’s of the bible. They will be so blessed that they will have the capability to be stay at home mother’s and raise their children under their covering. Their hands are so talented that they are able to generate their own income. They have soft spirits towards their husband’s and family yet bold as a lion. They have wisdom beyond their years. They have eyes only for their husbands. Their wombs are blessed. Blessings chase them down. They speak words of blessings over and to family and friends. They worship the Lord in truth and spirit and with their spouses.

I also pray for my nephews and my nieces’s future husbands. I pray that their paths meet. They have a heart and the boldness like King David. They know their position in the house, ministry and work. They are the head and not the tail. Everything they touch prospers. They are blessed in the city and blessed in the fields. Favour chases them down and they have more than enough. There is no lack in the household. They have eyes only for their wives. They have praying hands and are not afraid to worship like King David. They have the mind of Christ.

One day they will be gone to live their lives and raise their own family. However, with God in the cord, I can rest assure they will be fine. Obstacles and trials will happen but with the solid foundation of Christ, it will be temporary.

It is never to late to start praying for your children, nieces and nephews or grand children. Actually, I encourage it. You may just gain a new daughter or son that will steal your heart. Blessings.

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