Faith as small as this seed

My vegetable seeds dried out and I finally got to plant them so that they can begin to germinate. I had all my supplies laid out on the patio, my piano worship music playing and the wind blowing against my face. It was the perfect time to plant my seeds and talk to Poppa God. However, there was a certain concern that was weighing on me and I knew it was time to just sit and listen.

As I was looking at the trees wave in the wind, I couldn’t help but ponder on this week’s weather. All that kept going through my mind was that we have a wedding to pay for and payments due! Fear was trying to creep in.

Then I looked at my seeds. I managed to store up a handful of seeds while cooking and they were so tiny. Yet, within that handful were a few that were dead. I had to separate the good from the bad and discard the worthless ones.

As I began to organize the shells and stuff them with potting soil, Poppa reminded me of faith. I looked upon the seeds with admiration knowing that Poppa was about to share something powerful. So, I placed a few on my finger and studied the seeds. With my eyes I couldn’t see anything special. Yet, I knew that inside a seed was a potential vegetable.

So, I gently placed the seeds in the potting soil and covered them up. With each touch of the soil, I prayed over my seeds, speaking life into and over them.

Poppa reminded me to have faith as small as the mustard seed.

However, faith doesn’t always come easy.

Look at the seed! It looks like a small speck of nothing. However, in that seed is a vegetable and another seed. It has to get placed in good soil that it will help it grow. Once it is placed, covered and watered then the waiting happens. The sun shines on it, maybe a little rain and more waiting.

While in the waiting period, it may look like nothing is happening because all we see is the outer appearance. Yet, if we dig deeper, we will see the shell of the seed beginning to crack. Out of that crack a root begins to emerge. That root now begins to secure itself in good ground. After the root, the vegetable then emerges and begins to crawl its way up until it breaks through the soil. Once it sprouts then we can see the result of the seed. We can’t see all that it went through to get to the surface.

Faith is like that seed. It isn’t easy at times. Sometimes you have to push pass the obstacles, the double mindedness, and the naysayers. You have to leave that shell of doubt behind and step out onto good soil. That soil being the Word of God. You have to surround yourself with the things of God in order to break past what is hindering you from reaching your breakthrough.

You have to keep pushing forward even when you can’t see in front of you. You have to keep striving until you are like that vegetable that sprouts past the soil!

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

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