Chess-not your mommas game

We are almost finished with our current bible study and I’ve been asking the Lord what to do next. What does He want teach? What is the teaching for the women that He has entrusted to us?

He gave me a vision of a Chess game.

I admit, it made me wonder why chess especially since I’ve never played the game. Then I thought, “How do I even teach on a game that I’ve never played?” Once I realized that it is a game of the mind which entails planning and strategy, it all made sense because the battle always starts in our mind. If the enemy can destroy our mind or thought process, the game is already over.

Too often, we walk right into the ambush that the enemy has set up for us. It is time to stop playing offense and start playing defense. We need to be a step ahead of the enemy and outwit him at his own game. As women, we need to realize the authority God has given us and stand firm against the tricks of the enemy. Our minds, spouses, households, children, grandchildren, and future generations stand to be destroyed if we don’t take our rightful position.

In the game of chess, the king is the most important piece, but is also one of the weakest. The queen is the most powerful piece. She can move in any one straight direction – forward, backward, sideways, or diagonally.

It is no accident that God uses chess to demonstrate how important and powerful women are with HIS authority. As with any game, there are rules and instructions. The same goes with the kingdom of God. You cannot go into battle without the proper gear, battle plan or backup.

I am excited to begin this teaching once the Lord releases it. If this upcoming bible study catches your attention, be sure to follow my blog to stay up to date when it releases.

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