Love Letter 2

My Beautiful Daughter,

I, Poppa God, am strong. In my hands, you are protected…comforted…and safe. My hands created the world and it is my hands that protect and cover you.

Out of my hands flow my love for you. My love cast out all fear and doubt.

It is I who prevents the enemy from hurting you. No one nor anything can stand against me or snatch you out of my hands.

With me, you are safe. I want you to rest in me. I want you to learn to trust me and only me. I have nothing but good for you.

It is I who watches over you in the nights hours. It is I who smoothers you with kisses with the morning light. If you look closely, you will see my smile in the sunrays and feel my touch as they land on your face. My world can’t help but light up when I see you.

I want you to run into my hands when times get hard. I want you to lean on me when you’re tired. I want you to reach for me when you’re scared. If life ever hands you something big, turn and give it to me.

I am Poppa God. I make all things better. I am your father, your God and your rock. I want you to always remember “I love you”. – Poppa God

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