Love Letter One

My Daughter,

You are never alone. I have been here beside you the entire time. The moments you feel alone, I am here. The times you can’t sense me, I am still here. Many times I am quiet, just waiting.

I never get tired of waiting for moments with you. You are my daughter. You are my beloved, precious daughter. I have crowned you with glory and honor. I have clothed you with strength and dignity. You are amongst the righteous. I need you to always remember how I see you.

When you feel alone, close your eyes and meditate on the day. You will reflect and see moments when I was there. Look for the subtle reminders and carry them with you.

You will feel me in the gentle breeze as I cover you with my presence. You will hear me whisper in the gentle chirps of the birds. You will see me in the tender smile of a stranger. And each time you see a rose, that’s me thinking of you.

Where you go, I go. Where you stay, I stay. You think that you have to go searching for me, rather I go searching for you. I will leave ninety-nine for you because I love you.

You are my daughter, my chosen. – Poppa God

Psalm 121: 5, Song of Solomon 6:3, Proverbs 13:4, Proverbs 31:25, Ruth 1:16, Matthew 18:12-13

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