As we celebrate the world’s version of love this month, I want to share Gods version of love. A love that is true, genuine and unconditional.

Throughout the Bible, God has written love letters to you before you were born. Like any loving Father, He knew there would be times when you would need to hear from Poppa God and only God.

He saw into the future and seen all that you would endure; the hard times, the fun times, the challenging times, the sad times and the happy times. So, to prepare for those moments, He wrote and tucked away precious love letters just for you throughout the bible. His words for you.

Maybe you haven’t been the perfect child. Maybe you left God to do your own thing. Perhaps you just never believed that He could love you. Maybe, you never had a father to demonstrate love, so accepting love is challenging. Maybe you already have a relationship with Poppa God but just need to hear His words of affirmation.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. Whether you are a new believer, unbeliever or seasoned believer God wants you to know His love. Like whispers in the night, so are His words to your heart.

February is the month of love. While we humans can make it conditional at times, God wants to make it unconditional. He wants to cover you from head to toe with His love. He wants to open your eyes to a pure love that keeps you wanting more. He wants to drive out all the things that are contrary to love by filling you with His love.

So whether you are ten years old, in your twenties, thirties or seasoned like me, it is never too early or late to read a Love Letter from God.

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