Saved by Grace

Speaking at A Women’s Home

A good friend volunteers at a women’s home and invited me to share what was on my heart. The topic of study was Intimacy with God.

People who know me, know that I like to wear blue jeans and flip flops or sneakers. It is very rare that you will see me in a dress, even at church. So, as I went to grab my blue jeans, the Lord reminded me of the dresses tucked away. That day He wanted me to wear a dress. One in particular was the one towards the back, usually reserved for date night. I hesitated and thought I would just grab the more conservative one with flowers. But as I did, the Lord prompted me to grab the black, date night dress. I thought about it for a moment, grabbed it and wondered why this one.

The Black Dress

As the black dress fell over my head, the Lord showed me my red lipstick and said, “I break religion!” Instantly, I knew what Poppa was saying and thought to myself, “Why am I even arguing with God?”

His message to women is that HE BREAKS RELIGION AND HEALS!

Typically in ministry, women are conservative. We are aware of how we dress so that we honor the Lord and don’t tempt anyone. His choice of the black dress and red lipstick was to shatter the ideas of religion. For too long religion has hindered the intimacy with God and He wants us to return to Him. Religion says one has to work for forgiveness. While grace says were forgiven. Religion says one isn’t good enough. Yet, grace says you are worth it. Religion says there are conditions to love and grace says love is unconditional.

The black dress represented religion. Religion is what the world thinks, the laws and rules that hold you in bondage. The black dress was symbolic of their past- women of the night, addicts, shame, unworthy, etc. God used me to represent what God says – FREEDOM.

The world may look at me wearing the black dress while ministering and whisper but they don’t know the significance of the black dress. They don’t know how my past is similar BUT GOD renewed, restored and healed me. I know who I am in Christ. I know my authority and what He did for me, He will do for each and every one of the beautiful ladies.

The RED Lipstick

For years I wouldn’t wear red lipstick because I didn’t want to be reminded or associated with the past. But GOD began healing, restoring and setting me free. He began heart surgery. He began peeling off the shame, the disgrace, the hurts, the insecurity, the abuse.

RED lipstick use to remind me of my past- the promiscuity and the shame.

I AM NO LONGER WHO I WAS because he calls me PRINCESS (literally he called me Princess). Once I got my new identity, the red lipstick now represents who and what He says I am and I wear it proudly.

Their Journey Begins

As I sat there listening to each woman share a little of their past, I saw bits and pieces of my past in each one of them. At that moment, I could see why Poppa God wanted me to wear the black dress. I couldn’t help but be in awe at all that God is about to do in their lives. I saw that what the enemy meant for bad, God will now use for His glory.

These beautiful women are now beginning a wonderful journey. They have begun their walk with Poppa God in learning their identity in Him. It is a blessing that God has allowed me to share with them but most of all, being reminded of how much God loves us.

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