25 Days of Christmas Day 9

With the anticipation leading up to Christmas, one can almost forget the powerful message God presents during this time. 

As the Jews were looking for a savior to free them from oppression, God used the most unlikely situation to bring our Savior into the world. Christ, Our Redeemer, was born in a manager. 

A God so worthy of all the praise was surrounded with the aroma of animals, a simple blanket and death. Something the people couldn’t see, evil saw (freedom for all people) and tried to end it before it began. 

One would think that Our King who is deserving of a triumphal entrance wouldn’t chose something so simple and humble.  Yet, even at his birth he chose to profound the wise. He broke all standards of protocol. He busted the bands of limitation that was placed on him even before his entrance. 

So, as we continue the countdown to His birth, let us remember the real reason we celebrate. It isn’t about the fancy gifts, most expensive toy or biggest house. It is simple. It simply is about Jesus. It is about celebrating Jesus. 

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