12 Days of Love Letter Writing

I was so excited when I received the email from Nicole & Hannah allowing me to be part of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing campaign that I went straight after work to buy more cards and stamps. If you haven’t heard of this awesome organization, MLL (More Love Letters), be sure to click here to read about the wonderful women behind the scenes and how the love started. 

From December 3-14, The World Needs More Love Letters is rolling out its biggest, grandest, most festive love letter writing campaign of the year! For the last 7 years, they have been adding a little more spark to the holiday season by rolling out 12 letter requests over a span of 12 days.

This is where we come in! We have an opportunity to send love, encouragement and hope to people around the world! How exciting to be part of a holiday cheer that will trickle into next year! Imagine… 12 days, 12 letter requests, and a whole lot of love being sent

You don’t have to be articulate, just you. You don’t have to write a book, just a sentence. You don’t even have to write 12 letters, just one. But be warned, the fuzzies that will build up on the inside of you may cause you to write 12 letters, draw some little art and even get your family involved! So, please join me in writing Bob.

This is his story….

“Bob is facing difficult circumstances + needs our help in being reminded of the value of life. Part of his story is as follows: “Bob is fifty-eight years old. He used to be the life of party, he used to make people smile and laugh with his infectious laugh alone, he used to sing, and he used to help those in need. But over the last three years Bob’s light has dimmed and now he is in a hole of darkness with seemingly no way out.

Last year he was hospitalized after he attempted to end his life. His hospitalization did not break the cycle of depression that he is in, and he still cannot seem to forgive himself for mistakes of the past. He just cannot seem to stop the negative self-talk that is constantly in his head.

I am hoping to remind Bob that he does count in this world, that we all make mistakes, and that there is forgiveness. His wife is barely holding on herself, as she hears his negative talk every day. I believe it would be great for them to read the letters together and be reminded of their value.”

This request is personal and all too familiar. Having dealt with depression and suicide, I wouldn’t have overcome it without the encouragement and faith of family.  So, will you please join me in sending a love letter to Bob this week? It doesn’t have to be fancy, just sincere.

Send your letter to: Bob’s bundle c/o Carrie E. 18222 195th St NW Big Lake, MN 55309 USA

All letters should be postmarked by December 20, 2018. 

At the end of the December date, his dear friend Carrie will bundle up ALL of our love letters and personally hand them to Bob so he can be encouraged by our kind words before Christmas. A lot of other people are participating in this campaign but I believe we can make the biggest bundle. I know my friends, family, and readers have big hearts and plenty of love to share. So, grab a pen, some stationary or paper and let’s send Bob everything we’ve got to get him out of depression!

After you write your love letter, please tag @moreloveletters on any social media channels you use to share and include the hashtags: #12DaysMLL, #moreloveletters.On behalf of More Love Letters, thank you in advance for sharing love with Bob this week!

If you want love, sow love. It’s free.

#12DaysMLL, #moreloveletters

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