If you ever had a pesky rash or eczema then you know how frustrating and irritating it can be. Not only is it irritating but embarrassing.  Instead of using medication that contains ingredients you can’t pronounce, I found a solution that is organic.

After visiting the Dead Sea in Israel, I noticed my eczema began to clear up. However, since we all can’t literally soak there daily, I decided to share something similar to actually soaking in the Dead Sea.

 A Dead Sea Salt and Olive Oil Scrub 

The fantastic thing about the Dead Sea is that the salt contains naturally rich minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and magnesium. Each mineral is beneficial to the body and natural. It will leave your body feeling so relaxed and your skin soft and smooth for days.

In order to create an organic version, you will need some Dead Sea Salt, Olive Oil, a measuring cup and a container. You can purchase the Dead Sea Salt online or from Walmart. When selecting the salt, be sure to see if the company has ties to Israel in order to make sure you are getting good quality.


dead sea salt


When choosing Olive Oil, select Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If possible, purchase online directly from Israel. Not only are you getting quality products but supporting local Isreali farmers.

olive oil

For a small container size, I usually mix half a cup of Dead Sea Salt to two tablespoons of Virgin Olive Oil. Alternatively, you can use regular Sea Salt and Olive Oil (as shown). Mix thoroughly and there you have your scrub. For a little scent, just add some juice from a freshly squeezed lemon.


Apply the mixture to the affected area and gently rub it into the designated area. It may start to sting a bit but just apply a quick rinse to remove the scrub. The salt is a good exfoliant that removes the outer layer of impurities. If your skin begins to feel dry, use the same Virgin Olive Oil as a moisturizer. Be careful not to apply to much because a little goes a long way and instantly moisturizes your skin.

For me, I applied the scrub to my neck and chest area. It took about a week for the eczema to diminish and my skin to return to normal.

The Dead Sea Salt and Olive Oil scrub is a great alternative to medication and the products usually can be found in your own kitchen. If buying directly from Israel is not an option, regular sea salt and olive can be substituted but I cannot say if the quality is the same.

Be sure to share your results and happy scrubbing.


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