A moment with God


Excerpt from 12/14/2016

In church today the pastor talked about the power of the blood of Jesus. If there was an area lacking or getting defeated, plead the blood of Jesus over it. The Holy Spirit was moving today and this is what I want to share…..

God had something different in mind for me as I went to the altar for prayer. I knew there was a something like a presence hovering at the altar and I had to get it. Something was drawing me in. I didn’t know what it was but I knew I had to get it and when I did, it was more than I could have ever imagined.

GOD gave me a moment with just Him and me.

I didn’t care if anyone laid hands on me or even prayed for me, it was about me and God. It was about me coming to the altar, sitting at his feet and getting into HIs presence. As I got on my knees, my hands began to shake uncontrollably. I tried clenching my fists to stop the shaking but my hands refused to stop. At that moment, I gave what I’ve been battling this past month to GOD. I gave him my singleness, my future husband, my finances, my job. While on my knees, I cried out, “God, I don’t want to give my body to just anyone except my husband.”
As I kneeled on the floor, I cried even more like a baby. My hands continued to shake and the tears blurred my vision. I realize now that the shaking was Holy Spirit doing some internal work. Someone touched my shoulder and prayed over me but then they were gone. It felt like the entire sanctuary disappeared and I was alone with God. I was brought to the point of surrender. At that moment, I finally gave up everything that I’ve been doing on my own to GOD. As I got up, there was this overwhelming joy that just flooded me. I began to dance. I began to dance like David when he danced for GOD. I didn’t care who saw me. I didn’t care who was in the sanctuary. I didn’t care who was looking. I didn’t care if I looked silly. All I wanted to do was just dance for Jesus. It felt as if all this joy wanted to burst out of me, so all I could do was dance.
I was dancing for my daddy. He loves me!!!!! I felt His love cover me and for once, I was free. I was dancing as if I was a little girl again, twirling around and dancing with no cares of the world. For that moment, it was just GOD and me. In that wonderful moment with God, space and time didn’t exist. As I began to wind down, time showed up. The pews and people were gone and it was just His love surrounding me.

Something happened at the altar today. Freedom happened.



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