First blog post

Coffee, passport, and israel1

Originally, I created a site called JustFood4Thought to share the amazing things that the Lord has done in my life. My goal was to give hope to the hopeless.
Then one day God gave me one of the desires of my heart and it forever changed my life. However, in order to truly understand the depth of my passion, I must show the awesome love of Abba.
Let me take you back to April 10, 2009, when we prayed to visit Israel. We were at a church function and a local Christian radio station was there. My sister and I decided to go get prayer and we both agreed to pray about going to Israel. Jen, the DJ, concluded the prayer with, “And for the trip to be paid in full!” Now fast forward to 2016. God answered that prayer from 2009 by selecting me as one of the TBN winners to visit Israel. Everything was PAID IN FULL!
It didn’t stop there though. GOD had more planned. He ignited a passion that can’t be quenched. He allowed me to see the truth and beauty of Israel.
So with my heart for Israel and a love for Yeshua, I created Coffee, Passport and Israel. This platform gives me the opportunity to share the beauty of Israel and Yeshua.
My past is an open book for you to find a place to begin the healing and your identity.
For me to remain silent is an insult to what He did for me. What He did for me, He will do for you. He crawled with me through the trenches. He walked with me through the fire. He moved with every punch thrown at me. He took on the same scars to show His victory.

Be blessed and keep pressing on….. JenJenMarie


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